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The Henderson Event Center is an enclosed 6,000-seat multi-purpose venue that is proposed to replace the Henderson Pavilion.

The Pavilion’s canopy structure was severely damaged by weather twice in recent years, necessitating the complete removal of the tent-like covering in 2018. Detailed inspection indicates the need for full reconstruction of the roof canopy support structure to meet current building code requirements, which in turn will require ADA improvements, replacement of the seats which have begun to fail, replacement of the sound system and several other improvements necessitated by age and weathering. As a result, the City began evaluating how to modernize and improve this facility to offer even greater entertainment opportunities and to enhance its use for community events and other activities.

The Henderson Event Center is proposed to replace the current Henderson Pavilion with a significantly upgraded and improved facility that can be used year-round. The location, just south of the 215 Beltway on the east side of So. Green Valley Parkway, is easily accessible from all regions of Henderson and the valley via the Beltway. It complements the already robust retail offerings at The District at Green Valley Ranch, one of Henderson’s key dining, shopping and entertainment destinations surrounded by neighborhoods whose residents are frequent patrons of all the area’s amenities.

The Henderson Event Center would be designed to accommodate a variety of events year-round, including but not limited to festivals, concerts and performing arts productions, high school and higher education graduations and events, community and civic events, and sporting events of all kinds, including minor league professional hockey.

The anchor tenant is proposed to be the American Hockey League team owned by an affiliate of the Vegas Golden Knights that will soon be renamed with a Henderson-branded moniker. The team would make Henderson its hometown, playing approximately 34 home games per year, at the Henderson Event Center. An anchor tenant significantly advances the City’s goal of improving entertainment opportunities for the community and better meets the original goals of the Pavilion.

Discovery Nevada, a leading Southern Nevada, pollster, recently conducted a survey of Henderson residents. Nearly 70 percent of residents surveyed indicated support for the Henderson Event Center as proposed. And nearly 7,600 season ticket deposits have already been received, demonstrating broad community support for an AHL team. These numbers speak volumes of the majority of Henderson residents who clearly understand and appreciate the value of having a first-rate event center in their community, and their growing pride in becoming the hometown of a new AHL team affiliated with the Vegas Golden Knights.
Download the survey findings from Discovery Nevada (487KB, PDF)

The new AHL team will train and house its operations at Lifeguard Arena, a new community facility already under construction in historic downtown Henderson. Lifeguard Arena is similar in design and function to City National Arena in Summerlin, where the Vegas Golden Knights train and are headquartered.

The Henderson Event Center, which would build upon the growing partnership between Henderson and the Vegas Golden Knights, is where the team would play all its home games – approximately 34 per year. The AHL model offers family-friendly pricing while still delivering on all the excitement of professional hockey.

The benefits of an enclosed venue that replaces the outdoor Henderson Pavilion would be significant.

  • Both patron and performer experiences would be greatly improved with the comfort of air conditioning and heating, the latest in comfort seating that won’t degrade in the outdoor elements, more restroom facilities, the ability to serve higher quality and expanded food and beverage offerings within a controlled, predictable environment, and higher quality technology and sound equipment.
  • The enclosed design of the Henderson Event Center would accommodate year-round programming, unlike the Henderson Pavilion where events were limited primarily to spring and fall when temperatures are moderate but seasonal winds are typical.
  • An enclosed venue would also mitigate noise from events as compared to today’s open-air Pavilion.
  • Henderson Event Center would offer enhanced and improved ADA accessibility.
  • A new enclosed venue would give the City of Henderson the opportunity to reimagine and improve the experience for patrons, performers and athletes, ultimately creating the quality of programming that was originally envisioned for the Pavilion.

Other proposed improvements to the area could include an outdoor plaza and park space; pedestrian and trail improvements in the immediate area; and improved and enhanced perimeter landscapes to further the appeal of Green Valley Parkway, an area of Henderson well known for its signature beauty.

The proposed Henderson Event Center would be designed to accommodate approximately 6,000 people, less than one-third the capacity of T-Mobile Arena. By comparison, the current Pavilion has 6,500 seats. Its physical footprint would actually be smaller in size than the footprint of the existing Pavilion.

The City is committed to ensuring the Henderson Event Center would not impede access to other community facilities in the immediate area, including the Paseo Verde Library, the Henderson Multigenerational Center and the nearby West Henderson Police Station.

With a capacity of 6,000 people at the proposed Henderson Event Center, approximately 1,600 spaces are needed for parking, according to a comprehensive parking and transportation study of the area currently in development by Kimley-Horn. This includes approximately 200 spaces for employees.

It is expected that approximately 1,000-1,400 parking spaces would be available onsite. A variety of options is being studied and considered to accommodate additional parking. This may include a possible partnership with nearby office parks where after-hours and weekend parking are readily available with shuttle service to and from the Henderson Event Center. Employees, estimated to number approximately 200, would park at a designated location offsite.

In addition, it is expected a significant percentage of patrons may opt to use rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. To that end, the parking and transportation plan currently under development would ensure adequate space for drop-off and pick-up.

The City of Henderson is committed to protecting area neighborhoods by:

  • Increasing onsite parking at the venue;
  • Designing a venue compatible with the area;
  • Addressing pedestrian access to and throughout the site;
  • Developing an appropriate separation between the future venue and nearby residential neighborhoods;
  • Developing an enclosed venue that mitigates the impact of noise;
  • Developing a thoughtful parking plan and ensuring patrons know in advance the locations of authorized parking areas.

The City engaged Kimley-Horn, a leader in developing traffic mitigation and traffic planning solutions, to develop a comprehensive transportation and traffic plan for Henderson Event Center. The plan includes several possible options that may include such improvements as:

  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Accelerated improvements to key intersections
  • Traffic signal timing and video monitoring
  • Possible tunnel from Green Valley Parkway to parking lot of Henderson Special Events Center, eliminating left turns across northbound Green Valley Parkway
  • Traffic officers and crossing guards on game and major event nights as needed

The City would also plan to work closely with the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada to encourage implementation of express shuttle service to the Henderson Event Center on AHL game nights and for other major events, a model that has been successfully used for VGK games at T-Mobile, Las Vegas Aviators games at Las Vegas Ballpark and is planned for future Las Vegas Raiders games at Allegiant Stadium.

Henderson Event Center is located immediately adjacent to the Henderson West Police Station on Green Valley Parkway.  As is the case with current programming at the Pavilion, there would be security staff at the venue for all events, and the volume of security would be scaled to the size of the events.

The project would be a public/private partnership between the City of Henderson and the Vegas Golden Knights through a matching investment. This would represent a significant private investment in a city-owned asset for the benefit of Henderson residents. Once a design firm is selected and the design is finalized, the City of Henderson would be able to develop an accurate project cost which would then be shared with the community.

As our City and our communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, investment in major infrastructure can play a significant role in creating jobs, putting residents back to work, stimulating the local economy and driving additional investment in the area.  The importance and significance of government investment via a public/private partnership to help lead recovery after times of crisis cannot be overstated and has been historically validated time and time again, and the current crisis is no exception. Henderson remains steadfast in its commitment to help lead its city through recovery via strategic investment and development of community assets like the Henderson Event Center.

Once completed, the proposed Henderson Event Center would continue to be owned by the City of Henderson but would be operated by an affiliate of the Vegas Golden Knights through a long-term lease.

The Vegas Golden Knights organization is highly adept at managing special events and is well positioned to deliver improved programming with access to quality acts and events, as well as expanded food and beverage offerings – not to mention the continued benefit of direct association with both the NHL and the AHL. Ultimately, private operation of the Henderson Event Center would save taxpayer dollars while improving the quality of events and upgrading both fan and performer/athlete experience.

Several leading design and architectural firms are currently being considered for the Henderson Event Center with a decision expected to be made in summer 2020 if the project is approved. Construction on the venue and surrounding improvements would then be expected to begin in fall 2020 with completion before the end of 2021.

Yes. Considering the central location of the site, nearly equidistant between the East and West sides of the City, the site on Green Valley Parkway just a half mile south of the 215, was considered for a potential relocation of City Hall.   

A little over a decade ago, the City conducted a feasibility study to develop a Space and Science Museum that would enhance STEM educational opportunities for children. The City found that developing a successful children’s museum depended on a significant endowment and a cost-prohibitive operating subsidy of approximately $4-5 Million a year.

If approved, the City is proposing the use of a design build process that guarantees a maximum price.

Yes. The Henderson Event Center was envisioned to be a venue that would continue to provide community programing with an anchor tenant AHL hockey team. If approved, the design will be flexible to accommodate a variety of performing arts and events.

No. The LID assessed by the developer to homeowners in Green Valley Ranch paid for roads, parks, utilities and trails.

Yes, other locations were considered. Although other locations were considered, building an event center at another location would not resolve the need to repair, or reconstruct the Pavilion. In addition, the central location of the site, in the middle of the City of Henderson, and the accessibility from the 215, make this an ideal location to consider.

The City received $1 Million dollars from the insurance company to repair the Pavilion. However, the canopy and the structure over the Pavilion can not be repaired without meeting the current International Building Codes. If the City were to repair the structure and canopy, substantial repairs and upgrades would be triggered by the new International Building Code that will far exceed the insurance payment.

No. There is no Federal money invested in this project and the property was previously disturbed resulting in no need for and environmental impact study to be conducted.

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